Little Krism!

Hiiii, I'm Krism and I'm an owned Little!! Satanist, Anonymous and Bisexual. NSFW!! I track the tag #littlekrism
Knowledge is Free. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect Us!

reblog if you want sex right now

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i’m skilled in the culinary art of microwaving 

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25 Things Daddies Should do for their little girls →


  • Tie her shoes
  • Brush her hair
  • Buckle her seat belt
  • Watch the same movie 3 times in a row because it’s her favorite
  • Read her bedtime stories
  • Check for monsters under the bed and in the closet
  • Wipe away tears
  • Kiss boo-boos
  • Know which bottle/sippy/paci is her favorite
  • Open juice boxes/bags…

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Me:then fucking act like it
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